2A Hike

Shaft 2A Hike

Currently this hike is under major renovation, the entrance is closed, but if you are adventurous you might find a way around

Today we would like to share another local secret. It is one of our favorite hikes. This hike can be a quick few miles walk to a spectacular Stony Kill water fall. It is also a back side door to the Minnewaska State Park with access to Awosting Lake.


Start by parking your car at this location. You will see a closed gate. Please do not block it as this is the entrance to one of the many maintenance points for the Delaware Aqueduct.

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This hike is the easiest and shortest, though with stunning views and free parking. The beauty of this place is that it is one of the closest hikes to our Dream House In The Gunks. The total distance of the hike is about 2 miles roundtrip. Please enjoy this place responsibly and take out your trash. Cheers!

How to get there

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