Our Activities

  • Peekamoose Blue Swimming Hole
    Peekamoose Blue Swimming HoleDue to chronic abuse of the environment, this swimming hole is virtually unavailable to the public. This from a recent (5/2016) visitor: “Because of the abuse to the area and all of the garbage left behind, there are now no parking signs all along the road and the police are ticketing and booting cars; they are also issuing citations for alcohol use.”


  • Split Rock Swimming Hole
    Split Rock Swimming HoleSplit Rock swimming hole is a unique swimming place in Coxing Kill. You can park at Coxing Kill Trailhead and follow quick trail to a swimming hole. Water is not too chill, and you can have a sun bath at hot rocks.


  • Shaft 2A Hike
    Shaft 2A Hike

    Currently this hike is under major renovation, the entrance is closed, but if you are adventurous you might find a way around

    Today we would like to share another local secret. It is one of our favorite hikes. This hike can be a quick few miles walk to a spectacular Stony Kill water fall. It is also a back side door to the Minnewaska State Park with access to Awosting Lake.


    Check out …


  • Upstate NY – Home of Christmas Trees
    Upstate NY – Home of Christmas TreesWhat do you do when a huge 78-foot-tall Norway Spruce becomes a potential hazard for your house? Who could remove this massive (it’s 47 feet in diameter and weighs in at 10 tons) from your backyard and most importantly, how much the removal would cost? Make your tax money work for you in a most elegant way by offering your unwanted tree to be placed in the middle of Manhattan as part of the annual Christmas decor. This is exactly …


  • Hokkaido sushi restaurant
    Hokkaido sushi restaurant

    Located in historic New Paltz, Hokkaido blends elegance and exceptional dining. They bring the ambiance of traditional décor with fresh, flavorful Japanese cuisine, setting them apart as one of the best and longest operating Japanese restaurants in town. Their traditionally themed menu along with dedicated service brings the best of Japanese cuisine to the Hudson Valley.

    Secluded spot serving Japanese standards such as sushi, soba & tempura in a spare, rustic setting.

    Address: 18 Church Street, New Paltz, NY 12561
    Phone: 845-256-0621 | 845-256-0732