Summer Days Upstate NY

Last Summer Days Upstate NY

Hurry and catch last summer days upstate NY by the tail

Did you catch yourself today thinking that the summer is running away? We think September 21 is the summer cut off day. Upstate NY locals know it isn’t true. You still have a chance to catch summer by it’s tail. It is still here, but for how much longer? The lake water is still warm. The days are still long. Do not waste the precious last days in the city. Come and claim the summer. You have a place to stay here at the Dream House.

Find this view of the Awosting lake. Hike down the carriage road through the magic of the pine tree forest. Meet the Awosting lake and plunge in its lavish waters. Amazing beach with crystal clear water is still open all day long.

If you are an active type, you can keep your dog happy, while your bike is spinning. This is what they call “win-win”! You will see the amazing views of Hudson Valley from above. Both lakes can be reached in one day.
Hurry and catch these last summer rays on your skin. Get some tan, breathe the fresh air and feel the wind.

Make it a quest to find this rock turtle on the Upper Awosting carriage road between Awosting and Minnewaska lakes.

Perhaps you are not an active type. Not a problem. How about a short half mile walk from the Minnewaska parking lot to the cozy summer house to enjoy your favorite book?

The summer is calling your name. Come and visit. Sit down. Exhale. You have a place to stay here at the Dream House

This is the place to spend a night after great day.

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